NVN PPF-X, the recommended offering for an exotic vehicle, a combination of XPEL's Ultimate paint protection film, with our Ceramic-X coating applied on top, gives the ultimate combination of shine, protection, finish and care to your car.


An application of XPEL’s Ultimate self-healing paint protection film. Created to protect the car’s paint against chips, scratches, oils, sand and so on. The ultimate protective material for the ultimate cars.


An application of XPEL’s Stealth self-healing, satin-finish paint protection film. Created to protect the car’s matte paint from whatever life throws at your vehicle.


An application of XPEL PPF to the car’s most vunerable high-impact areas. Encompassing the front bumper, headlights, bonnet, wings, wing mirrors and side sills.

The Structure of PPF

Originally designed for military usage, paint protection film is constructed from an advanced blend of elastic polymers that are adhered to the car’s surface, once applied by our studio team, the final result is indistinguishable from the original paintwork. No part of your car is disassembled to apply this film. Nor does any blade go near the vehicle.



Using NVN’s own ceramic based paint coating, this treatment renders the bodywork non-absorbent to liquids and oils, as well as enhancing the finish of factory paintwork.

Detailing & Interior Treatments

We offer an in-depth detailing service that can address a variety of issues that may be affecting your car. From deep-cleaning and decontamination through to paint correction and removal of distorted paint, we will assess, detail and protect your car. For upholstery, our Nano Ceramic Interior Protection is unparalleled for use with leather and alcantara.


NVN Motorworks bring XPEL's range of window tint films to the UAE. With our harsh environment, sun damage is a very real risk. Our window tint options are a customised solution for every type of vehicle, computer-cut and applied without the use of any blades. Choose only the very best window tint film on the market, let NVN protect your car with XPEL.

What does NVN offer?



A leader in paint protection solutions, detailing and window tinting – at NVN we pride ourselves on our unrivalled attention to detail and quality of work. As a licensed XPEL studio, boasting state-of-the-art facilities in both our locations, our signature PPF-X offering uses the latest technology to ensure sand, stones and road debris will never damage your vehicle. No matter what life throws at your car, NVN provides you with the protection you need. NVN Motorworks is now open at Premiere Park, in London, and continues to be the leader in PPF solutions at our Dubai, U.A.E., studio.


What is paint protection film?



An invisible layer of armour over your car’s finish that is self-healing and safely applied to the factory paint. NVN’s range of XPEL paint protection films are precision-made and computer-cut to be contoured around the most complex surfaces without distortion – all without a single blade going near your car. A perfect finish with no seams, wrinkles or ripples.